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Water & Sewer Shutoffs Suspended

Benjamin Jones, CEO of BCWSA, announced in March 2020 that NO BCWSA CUSTOMERS will face a shutoff of water or sewer services over a period of 90 days.  As the situation developed further, the BCWSA Board of Directors continued to extend the moratorium on shutoffs after continually evaluating Federal, Commonwealth, County, and other local official statements, and policies.

The policy covers all customers in Bucks, Chester and Montgomery Counties, and will be reviewed again by the BCWSA Board of Directors at the end of 2021.

Office Closed to Customers

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all in-person visits to the BCWSA offices are prohibited to the public until restrictions are lifted.  Please call BCWSA at 215-343-2538 to speak to a customer service representative.

Customer Protection

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, BCWSA employees have been required to put extensive safety protocols in place on all job sites. They are wearing gloves, keeping distance between each other when possible & as appropriate, and wiping down equipment & vehicles.

Most interaction with residents & customers is avoided where possible, but if any interaction is necessary between residents & BCWSA personnel, it will be done with the appropriate social distancing & protection needed for everyone’s safety.

Do Not Flush Toilet Paper Substitutes During COVID-19

BCWSA urges all customers not to flush wipes, or other inappropriate items, down the toilet during the COVID-19 emergency.

BCWSA is working diligently to ensure continuous safe drinking water and sanitary treatment protecting your families amid this time of need.  Wipes and other items not meant for the sewage system can cause lines to back up.  Keeping our sewage lines open is vital for ensuring proper water treatment and for providing clean water to all BCWSA customers.

BCWSA released a statement with more information in March 2020.

BCWSA is asking customers to call our 24 hour manned emergency phone number (215-343-3946) with any identified sewer breaks or overflows.

Ensure the Safety of Your Building Water System After A Prolonged Shutdown

If your business has been shutdown due to COVID-19 you probably have stagnant water in your building’s water system that could cause a problem when you reopen. Stagnant water can cause low levels of disinfectant leading to the growth and spread of Legionella and other bacteria. Depending on the type of interior plumbing, there is also the risk of increased levels of lead and copper. The CDC has provided guidance on steps to take before your business reopens to minimize the risk of Legionnaires’ disease and other diseases associated with water.

A summary is below – you can find the full guidance on the CDC’s website.

  • Develop a comprehensive water management program for your water system and all devices that use water
  • Ensure your water heater is properly maintained and the temperature is correctly set.  This may include draining the unit
  • Flush your water system through all points of use (e.g. showers, sink faucets)
  • Clean decorative water features such as fountains
  • Ensure hot tubs/spas are safe for use
  • Ensure cooling towers are clean and well-maintained
  • Ensure safety equipment including fire sprinkler systems, eye wash station, and safety showers are clean and well-maintained
  • Maintain your water system

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