Steps for Obtaining Sewer Service

  • Professional Services Agreement
  • Reservation of Capacity Agreement
  • Sewer Service Agreement
  • Sewage Facilities Escrow Agreement

Sewer Professional Services Agreement and Reservation of Capacity Agreement Explanation

Two of the most frequently asked questions received by the engineering department at BCWSA are “what do I need to do to get sewer service?”,and “what are the fees for?” The item to be completed is a Professional Service Agreement (PSA). Four (4) signed copies of the agreement need to be returned to the BCWSA office with the fee of $8,500. This fee covers the cost of a consulting engineering firm to begin the review of the planning module application and engineer’s submission for the project.

Next complete a Reservation of Capacity Agreement (ROC) and return four (4) signed copies to the BCWSA office with the appropriate fees. There are two components (fees) in the ROC, a tapping fee and a debt service fee. Tapping fees are incurred when a new customer is added to the system and pays for existing capacity and existing infrastructure improvements. This fee is charged on an EDU (Equivalent Dwelling Unit) basis, which is measured at 250 gallons per day. This is a one-time charge for each EDU required for the property. Debt service fees cover the debt payment borrowed and spent on existing facilities and infrastructure upgrades. It is a set yearly charge.

The final step is the execution of a Sewer Service Agreement and a Sewage Facilities Escrow Agreement after all engineering and planning module approvals have been obtained. These agreements will be drafted and customized for your project at that time. When agreements are approved and executed by BCWSA, a preconstruction meeting is held and construction of the sanitary sewer lines and connecting of laterals can proceed.  These last two agreements will be custom drafted by BCWSA’s legal representatives.

Below is a link to the PSA with instructions on how to complete the form. You will also find a link to a sample of a ROC so that you can see what is involved in its completion. As always, if you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the engineering department for assistance at 215-343-2538.

Instructions for Completing a Professional Services Agreement (PSA)

  • Four copies of a signed Professional Services Agreement must be returned with a check for $6,000 before any review of the Planning Module Application and submissions will begin.
  • Areas on the PSA where information needs to be completed have been left blank and underlined.
  • The Areas on the PSA behind “NUMBER” on the top of the first page should be left blank – this will be filled in by BCWSA when it is received. This number will be used to track the agreement.
  • On the second line of the first page, there are two areas where the date would be filled in. These should be left blank as well. BCWSA will fill in the date when the agreement is signed/approved.
  • The fourth line of the first page is where you will list your name/business.
  • The remainder of the first page should be self-explanatory. This is the information we need should you, your attorney or engineering firm need to be contacted.
  • On the second page, there is space where the information on the property you are requesting sanitary sewer to should be provided. Please call the Engineering Department at 215-343-2538 to discuss the number of EDUs needed for your project.
  • On page five, the signature and printed name and title of the authorized representative need to be completed.


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