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Updated: April 23, 2015

February 8, 2013

Dear Sir or Madam:

Subject: Commercial/Industrial/Institutional Facility Registration

BCWSA is implementing an Industrial Pretreatment Program (IPP) for all commercial, industrial, and institutional establishments served by the Authority owned Upper Dublin Wastewater Treatment Plant (Upper Dublin WWTP) collection and treatment facilities.  This program is authorized under Upper Dublin Township Ordinance 11-1242 and under BCWSA Industrial Wastewater Discharge and Pretreatment Rules, adopted by resolution of the Authority Board of Directors on February 9, 2010, hereafter referred to as “Authority Rules”.  Included in this IPP is the regulation of oil and grease interceptors and traps for all food service facilities on your property, as authorized under Ordinance 11-1242, Section 192-26, and under Authority Resolution No. 2007-10, entitled “A Resolution of the Board of Directors of BCWSA Requiring the Installation and Regulation of Oil and Grease Interceptors and/or Traps for All Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Establishments and Providing for Penalties in The Event of Violation of This Resolution”, hereafter collectively referred to as “Oil and Grease Regulations”.  Copies of these documents, for your reference and for distribution by you to your tenants, are available for download online at www.BCWSA.net.

One aspect of the IPP is to create a means of tracking the status of commercial, industrial and institutional activities being served by the Upper Dublin WWTP and to determine areas of concern regarding process wastewater discharges into the Authority owned Upper Dublin Wastewater Treatment Plant sewer collection system.  To achieve this objective, BCWSA is requiring you, as property owner, to complete the enclosed Facility Registration Form for all commercial, industrial, and institutional establishments that operate on your property.  You must complete the form and return it to Carroll Engineering Corporation BCWSA’s Industrial Pretreatment Program Coordinator within 30 days of your receipt of this notice.   This Facility registration is required in accordance with Ordinance 11-1242 and Authority Rules.  You must register and update the registration list every 12 months and at least 60 days prior to new occupancy or a change in occupancy, in accordance with Section 4.4 of the Authority Rules.

If a new occupant of your property will be a Categorical Industrial User, you must advise the occupant that a permit application is required to be submitted to the Authority at least 90 days prior to commencement of discharge, in accordance with Section 6.1 of the Authority Rules.  If a new/existing occupant (tenant) of your property operates food service facilities, you must advise the occupant that a permit application is required in accordance with the Section 192-26 of Township Ordinance 11-1242 and the Oil and Grease Regulations.  Should you fail to comply with the above, the Authority may seek administrative and/or judicial enforcement remedies, as established under both the Township Ordinance and Authority Rules.

Upon receipt of the completed Facility Registration Form, The Authority will forward permit applications to selected establishments identified on the form, prioritized according to activity.  New establishments proposing to occupy or replace existing establishments will be required to obtain a discharge permit prior to occupancy.

Very truly yours,

Glenn Argue, Engineering Manager

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