Upper Dublin Township Ordinance #11-1242

AN ORDINANCE to Amend the Code of the Township of Upper Dublin to Amend Chapter 192, Sewers, Addressing the Regulation, Maintenance and Installation of a Sanitary Sewer System in Upper Dublin Township, to Add Article I, General Provisions; Article ID, General Regulations; Article IV, Discharge Regulations; Article V, Wastewater Discharge Permit Administration; Article VI, Pretreatment of Wastewater; Article VII, Reporting Requirements; Article VIII, Compliance Monitoring; Article IX, Enforcement Remedies; Article X, Affirmative Defenses To Discharge Violations; and Article XII, Ambler ·wastewater Treatment
Plant; and to delete Article II § 192-6, Definitions in its entirety; and to Amend Chapter 73, Building Construction – Uniform Construction Code, Article Ill, Uniform Construction Code, Section 73-8, Permits, by adding a Paragraph I, Sewage Facilities Planning.

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