BCWSA Announces Sewer Rate Increase

Warrington, PA (November 23, 2011) – BCWSA will raise sewer rates for our customers January 1, 2012. Our overall rate increase of $3.7 million per year is related to the $54 million dollars of capital improvements made and committed over the next two (2) years, as well as the escalating cost of fuel and operating materials BCWSA is experiencing.

The capital spending is necessary to maintain and upgrade our infrastructures to protect our environment and provide quality service to our customers.

An example of the changes to a typical customer’s monthly sewer bill are broken down below:

Current Monthly Bill        Effective Jan. 1, 2012
Residential    $37.08                $41.15
Commercial    $45.75                $50.78

This increase is the first rate adjustment since January 1, 2008 (which was attributed to increases passed on from the City of Philadelphia.) “We are cognizant of the current economic times and have successfully cut costs to absorb increased expenses over the past three (3) years but must now adjust our rates to address needed infrastructure and the reality of the escalating costs of fuel and operating supplies we purchase.” said Patrick Cleary, CIO of the Authority.

The Authority’s mission is to provide quality service in an environmentally safe manor at an affordable rates, and to educate our customers on water conservation. More information on rates can be found on the web site www.bcwsa.net

Article included, written by James McGinnis Staff writer, with permission from The Intelligencer.

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