BCWSA Announces Solar Array Project

Warrington, PA, November 5, 2012. BCWSA announced today the completed installation of a 84,000 watt solar photovoltaic system (“Solar System”) on the grounds of its Administration Building. The Solar System will generate over 100,000 kWh of energy per year and will result in an immediate 20% cost reduction for the energy produced. The installation of the Solar System is part of the BCWSA’s Comprehensive Energy Efficiency and Green Projects Plan.

“We are extremely pleased that the Solar System will lower our operating costs while demonstrating our commitment to going green and protecting the environment.” said Pete Stainthorpe, Chairman of BCWSA. “The BCWSA Solar System is an excellent example of how a Public Utility can work with the private sector with public support to make a meaningful impact on energy costs”, stated Barry Moore, President of Moore Energy, a solar installation company based in Southampton, PA.

The Solar System was installed by Moore Energy and funded by a private investor under a 15 year Power Purchase Agreement (“PPA”) which required no capital investment by BCWSA. In addition to an immediate reduction in energy cost, BCWSA has the option to purchase the solar system in the future at a significantly lower price. It is anticipated that the purchase will take place in 10 years or less and the solar system has useful life of over 30 years. BCWSA is projected to save over $100,000 in energy costs over the initial term of the PPA.

The Authority’s additional Energy Efficiency Projects include:

• BCWSA locked in electric generation rates for 2011 and 2012 that have saved the Authority approximately $1,000,000 to date and have also locked in future rates for 2013 and 2014 which will save BCWSA an additional $150,000 annually.

• BCWSA recently completed a $1.4 million Variable Frequency Drive replacement at its largest sewer pump station that increased energy efficiency;

• BCWSA contracted with the Policy Navigation Group and the ASE to conduct an extensive financial analysis and energy evaluation to determine where savings could be found through multi layered energy efficiencies approach, called Watergy;

• BCWSA received an award from the Alliance to Save Energy fir its efforts on the Watergy project in 2012;

• BCWSA entered into a Peak Demand Contract with EnerNoc to go off grid when called upon;

• In 2009 BCWSA renovated our 25 year old Administration office, which included the installation of Chill Beam Heat & Cooling with energy efficient T-5 lighting. Accessories such as auto on/off lighting and mini zone temperature controls were also included. All equipment is computer monitored and controlled. BCWSA’s reduction of 48,254 KWH equates to an annual savings of approximately $3,600;

• Since 2006 BCWSA had continuously contributed to Capital Funding for the expansion of Wind Energy in our region.

The Authority’s mission is to provide quality service at an environmentally safe manner at an affordable rate, and to educate our customers and future customers on water conservation.