BCWSA Asks Customers to Watch Out for Scams

Warrington, PA January 31, 2018 – The Bucks County Water and Sewer Authority BCWSA) was notified regarding a potential scam in Upper Southampton Township.
Two males claimed to be from BCWSA and advised that there was a gas leak up the road and that a resident’s water may be contaminated. They instructed the resident that they needed to turn the kitchen sink on for 30 seconds to confirm that there is no contamination and advised that failure to allow them to do so would result in a fine. The resident asked to see their badges. They flashed a wallet quickly at the resident. The resident explained that no badge was visible, only their driver’s license. The resident told them that she didn’t believe them and that she was going to call the police. The men pleaded for her not to call 911 and returned to a white pickup truck and left.

BCWSA employees always have their clearly marked BCWSA uniforms on and their IDs on their person. All vehicles driven by employees are not unmarked.

Please call the office at 215-343-2538 if you have any questions about BCWSA employees at your homes.

The Authority’s mission is to provide quality service at an environmentally safe manner at an affordable rate, and to educate our customers and future customers on water conservation. More information on the Authority can be found on the Web site www.bcwsa.net.