Lenegan Meter Replacement Letter

Bucks County is implementing a Water Meter Replacement Program to ensure continued accuracy for customer billing purposes. Additionally, the new water meters, which will be read automatically by radio frequency, will give the water department a more efficient method to collect water usage data.
Your cooperation will be needed to implement this Program. The Bucks County Water and Sewer authority has engaged LENEGAN Plumbing & Heating, LLC to manage the Water Meter Replacement Program and to perform the meter replacement work. The cost of the new meter and associated installation will be borne by BCWSA.
Access into your residence will be necessary, so appointments for the meter installations will be required. It is important that you call the telephone number listed below to set up your appointment as soon as possible. Appointments will be scheduled Monday through Friday 9 AM to 6 PM and Saturday 8 AM to 4 PM. The BCWSA will require that all meters be replaced, it is mandatory for all water customers. It is expected that the replacement work will require approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. The installers from Lenegan Plumbing and Heating, LLC will have personnel identification badges that are approved by The BCWSA. Please insure that your water meter is accessible prior to the scheduled installation date/time.
Please contact LENEGAN Plumbing & Heating, LLC upon receipt of this notice for your appointment or if you have any questions concerning the Water Meter Replacement Program. Our TOLL FREE number is:
If unable to make contact at the above number or website, please call BCWSA’s 24/7 Emergency number (215) 343-3946 for assistance.
We thank you in advance for your cooperation with the implementation of this Program.