Pebble Ridge Sewer Project Update – August 30, 2019

In the past week construction installed approximately 300 feet of pipe up to and set Manhole MH #20.  They installed the remaining lateral tees for the residences on Pebble Ridge Road.  Rock was encountered about 1-2 feet above invert (bottom of trench).  Erosion & sedimentation controls were checked to protect the creek from runoff and inlet covers were checked.  Letters to the residents who will have lateral tees set in the next 2-4 weeks were sent out on 8-9-19.  Additional letters will be sent out next week for the sections we will be installing main for over the next six weeks.

In the next 2 weeks weather permitting we will expect to install:

  • Continue the next leg of Pebble Ridge Road from Shady Brook Circle up to and onto Stony Lane. Approximately 200 LF of sewer main
  • Manholes #21 and #22
  • The lateral connection stubs for residences on the section of main (if any)
  • The crew will continue to Woodridge as conditions allow
  • Continue meeting with residents to identify lateral location and depth