Pebble Ridge Sewer Project Update – February 07, 2020

196LF of pipe was installed on Woodridge and MH #32 near Buck Road.  70LF of sewer main and force main was installed in the easement off Lower State Road.  We are still experiencing blue rock at 4 feet above invert as well as significant water in the trench on the easement off Lower State Road.  MH#4 in the easement needed to be wrapped on the outside with special material from the manufacture due to the high hydrostatic pressure from the surrounding ground water.  Test pits for soil sampling will continue on Monday and Tuesday of next week. Drilling on Westaway is continuing.  Erosion and sedimentation controls were checked to protect the creek from runoff and inlet covers were checked.  Meetings with residents in the construction area for lateral location stakes is continuing.

In the next week weather and conditions permitting we will expect to install:

  • 100 Lf of sewer main Woodridge from Manhole #30 towards Turk Road
  • MH PS-5 and sewer and force main to MH PS-6 in the easement between Lower State Road and Old New Road
  • Lateral stubs for the properties on Wood Ridge between Stony Lane and Buck Road
  • Continue meeting with residents to identify lateral location and depth
  • Saw Cutting on Woodridge and Westaway will continue
  • Drilling on Westaway will continue
  • Soils sampling for the disposal site