Pebble Ridge Sewer Project Update – March 12, 2021

We installed the remaining on Buck Road. We began installing laterals on Old New Road.  Lawn restoration was started on the lateral dig ups on Buck road.  Cold patch and trench restoration was also performed on portions of Buck and Old New Roads.


A special note for the residents of Willow

Residents on Willow will not be able to hook up to the sewer until the lower part of the easement line is completed over the next few months.


In the next week weather and conditions permitting we will expect to install:

  • Continue to prepare the easement from Old New Road towards the Lower State Road easement section from MH#8 to MH#9 for possible pre-drilling due to rock encountered
  • We will finish installing laterals on Old New Road to facilitate permanent paving installation
  • Resume main installation on Springdale Road
  • Begin installation of main on Anvil Lane
  • Sweeping and cold patching where needed


BCWSA Employees will be putting safety protocols for the Corona virus in place on the job site.  They will be wearing gloves, keeping distance between each other when possible & as appropriate, wiping down equipment & vehicles while in use.  Interaction with residents is to be postponed.  If a lateral location needs to be adjusted any interaction between residents and BCWSA personnel will be done with the appropriate social distancing & protection needed for safety.