Pebble Ridge Sewer Project Update – May 29, 2020

The crew installed 82LF of sewer main, 85LF of force main and MH#20.  They have moved out of the easement and on to Old New Road.  The second crew installed 82LF of sewer main on Willow Lane.  Rock in Willow Lane and in Old New Road is slowing production.  Drilling on Willow Lane is continuing and will move to Old New Road.  Erosion & sedimentation controls were checked to protect the creek from runoff and inlet covers were checked.  Meetings with residents in the construction area for lateral location stakes is continuing.  Westaway will be swept every Friday.  The project is currently on budget but behind schedule about 8 weeks.

A special note for the residents of Westaway

We realize you have endured, and continue to endure the conditions during the drilling and the aftermath.  We appreciate your continued patience.  The crews will be sweeping every Friday, and will do all they can to reduce the dust and stones.  Unfortunately we can’t eliminate it completely but we will do our best.  We expect to be installing sewer and force main on Westaway at Old New Road in 3 – 4 weeks.  We expect to complete the sewer main and force main installation on Westaway 4-5 weeks after we start.  Rock encountered and weather will affect the schedule.

In the next week weather and conditions permitting we will expect to install:

  • Old New Road will be closed starting on 5-26-20 at 8:00 am until 4:00pm Monday thru Friday until the main is installed
  • MH PS-21 and 100 LF of sewer and force main in Old New Road
  • MH73 and 200 LF of sewer main on Willow Lane
  • Continue meeting with residents (applying social distancing) to identify lateral location and depth
  • Begin the restoration of the driveway area and easement area from Lower State Road up to Old New Road as weather permits (in next 10 days)
  • Drilling on Willow Lane as progress allows

BCWSA Employees will be putting safety protocols for the Corona virus in place on the job site.  They will be wearing gloves, keeping distance between each other when possible & as appropriate, wiping down equipment & vehicles while in use.  Interaction with residents is to be postponed.  If a lateral location needs to be adjusted any interaction between residents and BCWSA personnel will be done with the appropriate social distancing & protection needed for safety.