Pebble Ridge Sewer Project Update – November 22, 2019

In the past week construction installed 300 LF of pipe on Stony Lane and the easement off Lower State Road.  Significant rock at the bottom of the drilled slowed production.  Erosion and sedimentation controls were checked to protect the creek from runoff and inlet covers were checked.  Meetings with residents in the construction area for lateral location stakes is continuing.  The drilling of Stony Lane is continuing. Paving is scheduled for Dec 3rd on Pebble Ridge Road.

In the next week weather and conditions permitting we will expect to install:

  • Sewer main and force main installation will continue from Lower State road in the easement area off of Old New Road
  • 150 LF of pipe on Stony Lane
  • Manhole #29 on Stony Lane
  • The driller is continuing to pre-drill Stony Lane
  • Continue meeting with residents to identify lateral location and depth
  • Milling and Paving of Portions of Pebble Ridge Road are expected to begin weather permitting by 12-3-19 at the latest
  • One crew will continue the installation of gravity main and force main in Lower State Road and the 2nd crew will install sewer on Stony Hill road
  • Test pits will be dug on Woodridge and Westaway to confirm rock depth