Pebble Ridge Sewer Project Update

Updated: September 24, 2021

We will be closing Old New Road from Westaway Lane to David’s Way starting on Monday.

We installed 133LF of pipe and MH#57 in Old New Road. We installed 296LF of main and MH#60 on David’s Way. The second crew also installed 3 laterals and cold patched trenches on Old New Road and David’s Way.

In the next week weather & conditions permitting we expect to install:

  • Crew #1 will continue to install main up to Bristol Road on Old New Road
  • Crew #2 will continue installing main on David’s Way towards Linda Lane
  • They will also be installing laterals on Old New Road and David’s Way
  • Sweeping and cold patching where needed
Residents on Willow Lane will not be able to hook up to the sewer until the lower part of the easement line is completed over the next few months.

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