$afeGuard™ Program

Did you know you’re responsible for the cost of repairing pipes and laterals connecting the main to your home or business? With the $afeGuard™ Maintenance Program you can offset this costly, unforeseen expense for as little as $5.00 a month. Learn more now.


Get the $afeGuard™ Program for maintaining peace of mind

Did you know that home and business owners are financially responsible for maintaining the sewer line that connects the main to their property? Or, that replacing this lateral line can cost $6,000 — or more. This unpredicted expense, along with the excavation upheaval, can be very disruptive. But, for as little as $5.00 a month residents in Southeastern PA* can invest in $afeGuard™ — a preventive maintenance program that eliminates the health, environmental and financial risks of a sewer back up.


What is a lateral sewer line?

This is the pipe that connects the mains to your property.

What causes failing lateral lines?

Many factors can cause a lateral line to fail. Common causes are age, deterioration, or loose fixtures. Also aggressive tree root growth can disrupt pipes. Many of these problems are hidden making performance hard to maintain.

What happens when my lateral cracks or leaks?

Sewage backups or overflows can occur which are a health and environmental risk. When contaminated water enters the system this needs to be treated which is costly and time consuming.

How do I know I’m at risk for lateral line failure?

Fact is everyone with a sewer line is at risk. But, several steps can help promote healthier laterals…

  • Start with a regular line check. Your plumber should do this once every five years.
  • Have your plumber check:
    • Downspouts and sump-pumps drain into the yard
    • Vent stacks are above ground and covered with a mushroom cap
    • Floor drains do not connect to sanitary sewer lines
  • Consider taking proactive steps by removing trees that are too close to the house or with invasive root systems. These include willows, lilacs and maples.

How does The $afeguard™ Program promote peace of mind?

One low monthly payment of just $5.00 for households ($10.00 for businesses) protects you against the replacement cost of fixing damaged laterals.

(* City of Philadelphia excluded)

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