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BCWSA $afeGuard™ Maintenance Program Online Sign Up Form

To sign up, please use the form below. If you have questions, schedule your free $afeguard™ consultation, please contact us.

Please note: If an existing BCWSA customer does not have access to the sewer lateral from above ground (no cleanout or trap) The cost per month and property contribution will double. If a cleanout is installed as a result of a dig up, the property will revert to standard pricing. Non-BCWSA customers without access to the sewer lateral are not eligible for this program. However, BCWSA will prepare an estimate to install a cleanout / trap on the property. If the property owner agrees to the cost and signs off on same, BCWSA will install the cleanout / trap on the property lateral and the line will then be placed on the $afeGuard™ Maintenance Program.

The Property owner and or customer, when they forward the attached form online to the Authority, acknowledges and agrees that they have read the full description of the Authority’s maintenance program and agree to be bound by its terms and conditions, and furthermore, the property owner and or customer by executing this form, hereby warrants and represents to the Authority that there are no preexisting conditions in either the sewer lateral and water main that would warrant repair. If the representation set forth here are to be determined to be invalid or a misrepresentation, the Authority will not be obligated to meet its obligations as set forth in the Maintenance Program. Lastly, by forwarding this form to the Authority, all owners of the property are deemed to have consented to participation in the program and have read the terms and conditions of the Program.

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