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Commercial Development

Bucks County Water and Sewer Authority:

  • Is one of the largest non-profit water and sewer authorities in Pennsylvania
  • Provides service to over 78,000 customers representing 385,000 people
  • Has proven 50+ year track Record
  • Is a full service utility company providing proven expertise with underground water, sanitary and storm water systems

We offer value to Developers:

Commercial or residential developers in our service area gain value our Design/Build services though the following:

  • Competitive pricing because BCWSA is a non-profit organization
  • There is no need to post a bond, letter of credit or escrow with BCWSA within our service areas
  • No extraneous Inspection or engineering fees
  • Dedication to BCWSA usually within 60 Days of our completing the work in our service areas
  • Be assured that the work is done correctly and to specifications
  • Avoid any additional costs – no change orders and no punch list

Design/Build is compared to the “Master Builder” approach, one of the oldest forms of construction procedure.

In our service areas, BCWSA Design/Build offers project owners, the following:

  • Single Point of Contract Responsibility
    • No conflicts or finger-pointing
    • No Delays
    • No unnecessary meetings
  • Minimize Risk
    • No change-orders
    • No punch-lists
  • Reduce the Delivery Schedule
    • Coordinated workflow from design through delivery
    • Dedication usually within 60 Days
  • Reduce Costs
    • No posting of bond, escrow or letter of credit
    • All of our engineering and inspection costs are included
    • Eliminate maintenance period liabilities
    • No cost overruns


Township, Borough and Municipal initiatives

Who we are:

  • BCWSA is one of the largest non-profit Water and Sewer Authorities in Pennsylvania
  • Provide Service 78,000 customers representing 385,000 people
  • Full service utility company providing proven expertise in underground solutions and services for water, sanitary and storm water systems

Our credentials:

  • Manage and maintain over 100 pumping stations, 1200 miles of water & sanitary piping and four treatment plants
  • Experienced staff for engineering, field construction, project management & operations
  • State of the art equipment and technology
  • Solid execution and delivery history
  • Long term customer relationships in partnering with other authorities and municipalities

What we do:

  • New construction, re-construction, expansion, remediation and rehabilitation
  • Operational management and maintenance
  • Remote monitoring with video of existing water and sanitary facilities
  • Consulting for problem analysis, pre-construction planning and project management

Why people do business with us:

  • Save time and money – non-profit
  • Provide quality services to their customers
  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Augment staff
  • Consistent on-time, on-budget and quality performance with a constant focus on Safety

Problems they need to solve:

  • Aging infrastructure and equipment
  • Budgetary considerations and deadlines
  • Increasing costs and limited resources
  • I/I analysis and remediation
  • Regulatory issues and liability
  • Water quality
  • Water loss
  • Sewage overflow incidents
  • Sewage processing costs
  • Process quality assurance
  • Storm water issues
  • Energy efficiency

Construction and services offerings:

  • Water and sewer mains, storm pipe and pipe installation from 4 inch to 42 inch
  • Flow metering for accurate measurement, analysis and billing
  • I/I remediation analysis and repair for inflow and infiltration
  • CCTV, flushing vacuuming, and cleaning for water, sanitary and storm water
  • Water main and Pipe renovation as well as relining
  • Sewer main, pipe and manhole repair and renovation
  • Lateral replacement and lining
  • Asset and operational analysis and assessment planning
  • Energy and safety audits and assessments

Water and sewer operations services

Wireless SCADA system monitoring automation with all device threshold alerts and live video monitored by our Operations Center 24 X 7 X 365

Water operations maintenance services:

  • Well pump stations
  • Water distribution systems

Sewer operations maintenance service

  • Pump stations
  • Sewer collection systems

Lee Alexander
Office: 215-343-2538 x106


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