About Us

BCWSA is an independent, non-profit agency formed in 1962 under the Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Act. We are one of the largest water and sewer authorities in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania providing water and sewer services to more than 100,000 households, business accounts, and some 525,000 people in the southeastern Pennsylvania region. Our operating income comes directly from the service revenues we receive from our water and sewer customers.

Proven Consistent

Our pledge is to sustain an ongoing investment in our customers, communities and partners to help us all enjoy a cleaner lifestyle — and realize a bright green future. Ensuring the essentials for today and energizing the dreams of tomorrow, our unique vision validates that our relentless focus and accountability provides a proven stability you can count on.

For decades we have strengthened our pledge by:

  • Sustaining affordable rates and excellent service levels. Review how we rate here.
  • Meeting or exceeding environmental and public health standards. Check our water quality here.
  • Pursuing cost saving procedures without compromising quality.
  • Educating communities, customers and future customers that water is a limited resource and one of our most valuable commodities. Pick up some Water Wisdom here.
  • Recently going green with our planet-friendly operations. Read more about the steps we’ve taken to bring green to the BCWSA scene.

Proven Accountable

An authority is an independent agency created by a governmental body to carry out a specific enterprise function. In the case of BCWSA this “function” is to provide water and sewer services. How an authority works is unique. There is no tax money involved to sustain an Authority’s operation. Instead any income comes from user pays and from customers who use and pay for our services.

An Authority borrows the funds for capital projects which creates infrastructure that promotes development for the Philadelphia area.

As a Non-Profit BCWSA does not have shareholders and does not pay dividends, rather we return the money to our customers through reinvestment and stable rates that all of our customers enjoy as part of our economies of scale. This ensures you can enjoy the best services at the lowest possible cost.