Is clean water infrastructure a good investment?

Clean water infrastructure is a necessary public health and environmental investment, and a sound economic investment. Construction of wastewater facilities is among the highest generators of jobs for all infrastructure categories. Each $1 billion in sewer improvements generates over 57,000 direct and indirect jobs.

By comparison, total job creation by highway and road construction is estimated to be approximately 34,000, for each $1 billion. In addition to public health and environmental benefits, wastewater facilities provide major contributions to public and private productivity. Research indicates that public investments in these facilities improve: competitiveness for American industry; private profitability, and wages, which in turn yield higher tax revenues to governments.

Reproduced courtesy from the Association of Metropolitan Sewerage Agencies (AMSA) – The Cost of Clean is also available on AMSA’s web site or by contacting AMSA’s National Office at (202) 833-AMSA.