What clean water infrastructure needs has the EPA reported?

EPA’s 1996 Needs Survey reported $139.5 billion in wastewater infrastructure needs based on eligible costs under the CWA. On March 18, 1999, however, EPA released preliminary, revised estimates that indicate $199.6 billion in wastewater needs over 20 years.

This revision substituted $81.9 billion in SSOs reported by the EPA Sewer System Overflow Study for $10.3 billion in previously reported sewer infiltration and inflow correction estimated needs. The Agency currently reports on the following needs: $44.0 billion for remaining secondary treatment and advanced sewers; $44.7 billion for CSOs; and 7.4 billion for stormwater.

Reproduced courtesy from the Association of Metropolitan Sewerage Agencies (AMSA) – www.amsa-cleanwater.org. The Cost of Clean is also available on AMSA’s web site or by contacting AMSA’s National Office at (202) 833-AMSA.