Water Quality Reports

Updated: April 25, 2024

BCWSA is committed to providing residents with a reliable supply of high-quality drinking water. We have our water tested using certified labs that use advanced procedures. BCWSA water meets State and Federal standards for both appearance and safety. This annual “Consumer Confidence Report,” required by the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA), tells you where your water comes from, what our tests show about it, and other things you should know about drinking water. We are proud to report that the water provided by BCWSA meets or exceeds established water-quality standards.

Our utility has joined the Partnership for Safe Water, a new national initiative to help achieve operational excellence in water treatment. The partnership was developed through cooperation among the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), States, and water supply associations to provide better protection for consumers from microbial contaminants that can cause intestinal illness.

Call us for information or questions about BCWSA and our water quality at 215-343-2538 x 112.

Or see U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) water information at
or the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) at

The Water Quality Reports are in Portable Document Format (PDF) requiring Adobe Reader to view them.  Most computers should have Adobe Reader installed already.  However, if you do not, you may download it for free from the Adobe Acrobat website by clicking here.

Water Quality Reports

BCWSA’s Annual Water Quality Reports are now available to view online.  These reports are compiled yearly and contain a list of all the drinking water contaminants that were detected during the previous calendar year.  The most current report available is the year prior to this current calendar year.

To view, simply click on the service territory for the corresponding Water Quality Report.

2023 CCR Fox Run

2023 CCR Main Lower South

2023 CCR Neshaminy Manor

2023 CCR New Hope

2023 CCR Solebury

2023 CCR St. Stephen’s Greene


Previous Water Quality Reports:

2022 CCR Fox Run

2022 CCR Main Lower South

2022 CCR Neshaminy Manor

2022 CCR New Hope

2022 CCR Solebury

2022 CCR St. Stephen’s Greene

2021 CCR Fox Run

2021 CCR Main Lower South

2021 CCR Neshaminy Manor

2021 CCR New Hope

2021 CCR Solebury

2021 CCR St. Stephen’s Greene

2020 CCR Fox Run

2020 CCR Main Lower South

2020 CCR Neshaminy Manor

2020 CCR New Hope

2020 CCR Solebury

2020 CCR St. Stephen’s Greene

2019 CCR Fox Run

2019 CCR Main Lower South

2019 CCR New Hope

2019 CCR Solebury

2019 CCR St. Stephen’s Greene

2018 CCR Fox Run

2018 CCR Main Lower South

2018 CCR New Hope

2018 CCR Solebury

2018 CCR St. Stephen’s Greene

2017 CCR Fox Run

2017 CCR Main Lower South

2017 CCR New Hope

2017 CCR Solebury

2016 CCR Main Lower South

2016 CCR Fox Run

2016 CCR New Hope

2016 CCR Solebury

2015 CCR Main Lower South

2015 CCR Fox Run

2015 CCR New Hope

2015 CCR Solebury

2014 CCR Main Lower South

2014 CCR Fox Run

2014 CCR New Hope

2014 CCR Solebury

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