Update Your BCWSA Customer Contact Information

In order to keep you, our customer, informed: BCWSA needs your help.

We need you to provide us with your updated contact information, so we can contact you in case of some type of public emergency.  There are extremely rare cases where BCWSA needs to issue “boil water” notices, notify customers about main breaks, notice of violations from the environmental protection agencies.

BCWSA uses a notification system that can send email messages, text messages, and/or phone calls to a specific or entire geographic area if necessary.  Some customers may know this by the name “Reverse 911”.  It is a system that, if BCWSA has the correct information, can let our customers know when a serious event has happened, and what they may need to do.

We want our customers to be safe, and informed, so please take five minutes to update your contact information using the form below.

BCWSA does not sell, or use, any provided contact information in any way other than to contact our customers.