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Next Regular Board Meeting: Monday April 28, 2015 @ 7:00 pm


In case of water and sewer emergencies please tune into WNPV 1440 AM for Montgomery County and Central and Upper Bucks County customers and WBCB 1490 AM for Lower Bucks County customers.

Welcome to BCWSA

Delaware RiverBCWSA is an independent, non-profit agency, created in 1962 under the Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Act to provide water and sewer services in the State of Pennsylvania. 

BCWSA is one of the largest water and sewer authorities in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania serving more then 78,000 accounts and 385,000 people in the southeastern Pennsylvania region. All income to operate the authority is derived directly from service revenues by customers using water and sewer.

Better Plants

 "BCWSA's commitment to reducing its energy intensity by 25% over 10 years establishes the company as a leader in industrial energy efficiency and helps advance the nation's progress toward a sustainable, clean-energy future."  said Mark Johnson, Director, Advanced Manufacturing Office, U.S. Department of Energy.

Please be advised that BCWSA has received reports from our Customers that they are receiving telephone calls and messages stating that their account is past due and action will be taken if the past due amount is not paid immediately.  THIS IS NOT TRUE.  Please disregard these telephone messages as a scam.  BCWSA does not leave telephone messages or recordings for Customers with overdue account balances.  Please remember that if you ever have a question or concern about whether something is the activity of BCWSA, you should contact our office at (215) 343-2538 or 1(800) 222-2068.

BCWSA Announces New Water Supply
On July 1st BCWSA will no longer be purchasing its water supply from the City of Philadelphia. We will now be supplying your drinking water from the Forest Park Water Plant in Chalfont, PA. 

BCWSA has heard your request and is happy to announce that our Customers have a choice to use fluoride or not through your dentist instead of being mandated through your water supply. The new source does not have fluoride added to it.

You may notice a minor change in water characteristics, as the new source utilizes state of the art filtration methods which will improve your water quality.

BCWSA strives to be a good partner with the customers it serves and we look forward to moving into the future alongside our valued Customers.

In-Case of Emergency

In case of water and sewer emergencies please tune into WNPV 1440 AM for Montgomery County and Central and Upper Bucks County customers and WBCB 1490 AM for Lower Bucks County customers.

This Emergency ONLY phone number will direct you to the BCWSA 24 hour SCADA operations center.

(215) 343-3946

What NOT to Put Down Your Drain!

Approximately 80% of grease related sewer blockages and overflows occur in residential areas.  

FOG coats pipelines similar to the way fatty foods clog human arteries.  The grease clings to the inside of the pipe, eventually building up and causing a complete blockage.

[FEATURED] BCWSA Water & Sewer Maintenance Program

BCWSA is pleased to announce our new Water and Sewer Maintenance Program for Residential and Commercial properties.  This program is designed to help customers offset the cost of repairing the pipes/laterals that come into and leave a property – which typically cost up to $5,000 for residential and up to $10,000 for commercial to replace. 

This program is also available to all residents of Bucks & Montgomery counties.

Under this program residential properties pay $5.00 per service for a monthly fee and commercial properties a $10.00 fee per service for coverage. The portion of the water service and sewer lateral that is eligible under this program runs from the main to the residential/commercial dwelling unit.  Only the water service and sanitary sewer laterals that connect to the main system are eligible under this program.

Sign up today!

BCWSA Offers eBilling

BCWSA customers can now review and pay bills online with our new e-Billing service.  Online Enrollment is fast and simple, accessed by any major web browser.  

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